Turning Connecting Movements & Turning Jumps - Finis Jhung

DESCRIPTION Here's where students tend to fall over themselves and look their worst. Turning your connecting steps can be confusing and tricky, but not when you know what you're doing and HOW to do it. Finis and Johanna show you step-by-step how to place yourself and work your body so that you can enjoy turning around as you travel across the floor and fly through the air. Once you learn these principles of opposition and the rules of balance, you'll really be able to trip the light fantastic. CUSTOMER COMMENTS "This is a whole new concept in teaching; such quality and fluidity in your arms and feet. A very refreshing, almost mystical approach to ballet. A necessary additiion to every serious dancer's and teacher's library." - Joan Manze, Joan's Dance Studio, Clarks Summit, PA "Your videos are an inspiration. They are informative, precise and exactly what I'm looking for. Each time I view one, I want to order another. Thank you!." - Kathy Fletcher, Director of Dance, Westover School, Middlebury, CT Purchase the Turning Connecting Movements & Turning Jumps DVD at

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