The Thinking Dancer: Working at the Barre - Finis Jhung

DESCRIPTION Take it, teach it, or simply watch it - viewers say that this video is mesmerizing. It's the barre to end all barres. Finis answers all the questions teachers and students have been asking for years. Learn new, effective ways to do traditional exercises. Geared towards today's dancer, who must perform a variety of dancing styles, this barre is unique in structure, order of exercises, choice of movements, tempos, and dynamics. And Noriko is exquisite. CUSTOMER COMMENTS "Mr. Jhung's work is comparable to Vaganova meeting the space age: relaxed stretches, yogic postures, modern dance movements, his own innovative approach, and strictly classical, traditional ballet technique are joined together in a workout which is at once simple and highly exacting. The attention to details and brilliance in innovative concepts is staggering." - Lesandre Ayrey, The Way of Dance, Coarsegold, CA "Finis is a teacher's teacher; his methods should be required education for serious ballet teachers schooled in conventional ways. Just watching Finis demonstrate is an education in itself - he makes the link between technique and artistry so clear and accessible." - Patty Neivert, Patty Neivert School of Dance, Westminster, MD Purchase The Thinking Dancer: Working at the Barre DVD at

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