The Center Floor Ballet Warm-up All Levels - Finis Jhung

DESCRIPTION This new ballet warm-up was inspired by the boys of BILLY ELLIOT: THE MUSICAL on Broadway. To get these extraordinarily talented youngsters warmed up and ready to turn and jump within a 1-hour class, Finis had them work off the barre, standing in center floor in front of the mirrors. When you are unable to hold on to a barre, you quickly learn to place yourself and engage the muscles needed in order maintain turn-out and balance. Furthermore, watching yourself work in the mirror improves concentration and muscle memory since you are "feeling what you see" and "seeing what you feel." In this breakthrough DVD, carefully paced choreographed exercises which turn and travel will refine your movement skills, as you stretch and strengthen your entire body. You will naturally develop a keener awareness of when and how to work your head, shoulders, and arms in order to balance the movements of your feet and legs. And, most of all, you dance as you warm-up! NEW FEATURE: Once you've become familiar with the exercises and Finis's instructions, you may want to view only the exercise demonstrations with music without the instructional breaks. Now you can! We've added a "PLAY WARM-UP" button which lets you view only the exercise demonstrations which proceed without interruption. Purchase The Center Floor Ballet Warm-up DVD at

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