The Art of Pointework Level 2 - Finis Jhung

Purchase The Art of Pointework Level 2 DVD at DESCRIPTION Finis explains each exercise, tells you how it should be done, and Ashlee Knapp of The New York City Ballet does it, in her inimitable way. She is an absolute delight! Watch how beautifully she works her legs and feet, and how she moves with musical precision and lyrical delicacy. Slowly and surely, Finis and Ashlee take you through each exercise, giving you all the important ideas you need to know, so that you will steadily progress, and dance as the best professionals do. With great care, each exercise is presented and demonstrated so that you will learn to talk with your toes, as Ashlee does. You'll enjoy doing these exercises to Scott Killian's orchestrated music. It's magic time! CUSTOMER COMMENTS "This DVD is the greatest I've ever seen! Not only is there demonstration by a dancer, but Finis teaches you 'how to it' and his commentaries are understandable, even by a foreign teacher like me. My students and their mothers love it. I've found what I was looking for! Thank you, Finis, for this unique educational material!" - Simone Hock, Owner/Teacher, La Danza, Krombach, Germany "His knowledge, clarity, and love for dancers and the dance are inspiring." - Penny King, Stillpoint Dance Studio, Grants Pass, OR "This DVD is an excellent aide for beginning students of pointe, regardless of age. It begins with some easy stretches that provide a safe warm-up for the feet and ankles, and then quickly moves to a series of plies and releves, which emphasize the importance of smooth rolling foot movements, and correctly positioning the entire body for balance. As the video proceeds, the exercises grow progressively more challenging, demanding increased speed, coordination, and foot muscle strength. This DVD includes both barrework and center floor work, and I found its explanations and illustrations to be extremely helpful." - Carol Garmiza, Adult Student, New York, NY "Been working with your DVDs for the past two weeks and it has changed me. I have been more focused and aware during my ballet classes and in everyday life. I love how you explain and teach the movements in sequences and it has slowed me down to really think before I dance the move. Even my pointe work is getting better. Keep making the ballet world bigger and better!" —Stasha Becker, US Army Europe

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