Pirouette Class 1 - Finis Jhung

DESCRIPTION What's the first thing a dancer does, after finishing barre? A pirouette, of course. Everyone wants to turn, because it looks like so much fun and obviously demonstrates skill. Now you can begin to turn, without fear, by studying how Michele Wiles, today a Principal Dancer of The American Ballet Theatre, prepares for her pirouettes. It's not that you can't turn, it's just that you're not doing "the right thing." So, learn to do what Michele does, in real time, slow motion, and freeze frame, and those pirouettes will never get away from you again! You'll be able to fix problems immediately. We've also added breakdowns that clear up the difference between the waltz step and the balancé. And, you'll be amazed when you see how Michele flies through the air with pas de bourrée sauté. It boggles the mind. CUSTOMER COMMENTS "Until I saw this video, I hadn't realized how the pirouette is such a gateway for understanding movement. The most powerful lesson that improved my turns right away was the demonstration of the 'turning of the plié.' This video transforms the believable mechanics of the pirouette into the power of dance." - Pat Browne, P.Eng, Ottawa Canada "I love your video! I like the way you explain in detail the 'hows and whys' of center combinations with pirouettes. The advice dispensed is invaluable. Im really thrilled. A big THANK YOU!" - Judith Tham, Adult Student, Singapore "Your instructional technique has been a great benefit to me as a person who took up ballet in mid-life. My work environment is very stressful. Dance has been an enjoyable release for me, and your instruction has enriched my dance experience." - John Daly, airline pilot, Kirkland, WA "I love your video and your approach to teaching - it makes sense. It is what I have believed all along. My ballet haters are getting interested, and my bun heads are in heaven." - Deborah Stanton-Bianca, New England Dance Academy, Attleboro, MA "The precise filming of every part of the body and slow motion footage going into a turn is absolutely spectacular! " - Margilyn Valle, Ballet Midwest, St. Louis, MO "This video is full of valuable information! Using it has has given me knowledge and a better technique, and has made significant changes in the way I now dance. Thank you, Finis!" - Rachida Dukes, Adult Student, Alexandra, VA "Buying videos on the internet is like a blind date - you don't really know what you are going to get, and have to trust what you've been told. Well, I am so happy to say that what I got was wonderful! 'Pirouette Class 1' is a new and fresh way to look at turns. I like the way you explain the pirouette, and so do my students." - Mrs. Willy Knopper- van Duuren, balletschool "De Dansacker" Pijnacker, The Netherlands Purchase the Pirouette Class 1 DVD at

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#1 good instruction
I really liked how the video was in slow motion with commentary. It helped you see what was going on. I thought there was going to be more instruction time in the video though. There was more dancing than I thought. Overall, it was worth watching.
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