Cord de Ballet

Swan Lake Cord de ballet

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#11 WHAT?
You guys should really work on your technique and also the emotional aspect that you put into dancing. The technique was quite sloppy. Nobody was honestly pointing their toes or straightening their knees when they should have been. You also need to work on staying together when your dancing.
#10 =[
I really hope that they are new to ballet...
#9 ok.... what was that?
um. it needs some work. point feet, turn out legs, shoulders down, lower-stomachs in, put energy in your arms... basically everything needs work. it looks like none of you want to even be there! ugh! and also, try to refrain from adjusting your leotard while you're in the middle of a dance!
#8 Corps de Ballet
The teacher's. in response to royal
#7 Who's fault?
The teacher or the students?

#6 ????
these girls look like they have no idea what they're doing ............. please point your feet!
#5 Thank you
I don't want to watch that.
#4 Why??
it seems like no one is even trying but just slpping through it all.... why post this??
#3 Sloppy
Its so not fun to watch such sloppy technique. can't at least ONE girl at least straighten her legs of point her feet!?
#2 mariadance
i know. its ugh sometimes.

#1 FEET!!
PLEASE POINT YOUR FEET!! Also; straight knees, all the way up on releve and are they all supposed to be in paralell in the beginning?? because they ALL are...
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