Human Behavior

This piece is performed by Chantelle Cichon and Jessica Gerard. They are both dancers with JK'S Dance Company in California and dance at Revolution Dance Center. Choreographer is Rebecca Antolik. This video was done in June 2007.

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Overall rating: 3.9
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#5 dancers are good
I don't really like the top part of the costume, too heavy and lots of materials. It is very important for the floating on the stage. Keep on! Very nice!
#4 niiice
the umbrellas are a nice touch the kids are soooo cuuuute
#3 Very Nice.
It was a very edgy piece. I liked it alot. The umbrellas were a cool touch. I think your pointe work is absolutely stunning. But-- both of you were not staying together. You should look at each other and know when to go or do something so you can both stay together. Other than that, very beautiful.
#2 cool
this dance is awesome. you both are amazing dancers. NO INJURED ANKLE THIS TIME CHANTY!!!!!!!! luv you guys
#1 Pretty!
This is a really cool dance! You guys are so good on pointe and you are very insinct with eachother!
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