Capture of the Tiger


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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
Category: Performance
Keywords: Alex Wong Dance Capture of the Tiger Ballet Contemporary Modern Jazz
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 15
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#14 WOW
It was very tight but free at the same time. It was very expressive. Amazing!!!!!
#13 awesome
So expressive! Loved it.
#12 GR8 JOB!
amazing dancer! thou i have to agree with the person that didnt like the outfit... thats correct, tiger has stripes.
#11 Super
This was amazing. You seemed to fly through the air with every jump. You had very good turns, and are very flexible, too. wow.
#10 wow wow wow
You are so great. 5 stars for sure!

#9 O My Gosh
wow you have amazing technique!!! Amazing!
#8 Love it
Such emotion - way to hit those points of emphasis in the music. Leaps, turns, kicks - all WOW! Great dancing!
#7 Shorts
He's great but you shouldn't wear leopard print shorts when its the dance of the TIGER. Tiger's have stripes. Good job tho.
#6 Amazing
I had to watch this more than once! it is so good!
#5 Really great.
This was so good. I felt the message that you tried to convey very well, so along with your exellent dance skills, it was a masterpiece.

#4 Best!
One of the best video's I've seen yet!
#3 OMG
#2 Wow
mmkay, so um... Wow. Is this from the Prix de Lausanne???
#1 amazing
abs. amazing!
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