Cloud By Day, Fire By Night

This is my contribution to a Fundraiser for Polar Bears in early 2009 -- my original choreography to an ultra-modern musical piece by Keith & Sanna Luker and JoAnn McFatter.

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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
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Keywords: Cameron MacKenzie Modern Contemporary Performance Cloud By Day Fire By Night
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#5 de-loverly!
marvelous musical selection! wonderful interpretation! what a dancer you will one day be!
#4 cool!
ya, that was choreography too. i like the modern edge, and the cause! keep up the good work!
#3 wow!
Really! Just loved it! What a future you have ahead of you!
#2 i agree!!!
terrif movement. and how old R u???
#1 !!!
you have amazing energy! so much fun to watch! ~Kassandre Renee
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