Don q kitri variation

performed for studios' spring showcase 2008

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#6 arms and hands
you need to work on you arms and making the right shape i know its a fast routine cause i have tried it at the studio but make them rounder and more sharp
#5 great
a great effort this is not an easy routine to pull off, aside for the comments other people made i'd say you did very well.
#4 good!
just dont rush the moves let them play out. and try to tighten up your arms and legs. otherwise really good.
#3 Overall
1. Tighten Bourees 2. always point your feet 3. be sure to jump into a tight 5th at all times. It was very good though!
#2 bourees
when you do the bourees in the beginning try to make them faster and tight dont bend yoru knees as much :-)

#1 Remember
I just did a recital and my dance teacher reminded me that in fast dances remember to do all moves full out dont cheat them and remember to keep full arms dont let your arms go crazy. But it was awesome good performance and you got a good finish.... go girl.
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