The Theory

Urgency, quickness, restlessness. Our individual precipitation toward new feelings. All of this prompted by the onslaught of information that we are fed in everyday contemporary life. Meaning collapses, there is no way to read the signs in depth: just a forest of symbols, closing down on us, where we lose our ever changing way. And once I ended the road I realized how fast I walked. Who did I meet along the route that helped me realize where I was going? The people that always look for something beyond their closed perspective. The people that do not feel fine by seeing just one aspect of subjects and objects. The people that create new things upon their thoughts.

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Added: February 19, 2010
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#1 !!!
i love the concept... and the effects are very intriguing! ~Kassandre Renee www.TinyDancer211.webs.com
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