Ashes and Wine

Hey everyone! This is my solo I competed at NYCDA this year! It received the senior high score solo! It was choreographed and danced by me-Michaela McGowan. I hope you like it!! Thank you for watching!! :D

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#11 JUMP!!!
1;47 is my favorite!! that jump is really insane looking!!! congrats
you deserved your award and always NYCDA is like my favorite convention!!!IT ROCKS
#9 thank you!
i really appreciate all this feedback! thank you so much for watching!! :D
#8 Beautiful Job!
I enjoyed watching you dance, beautiful job! Hope to see more!
#7 Great dance
I think you did a beautiful job with this dance!

#6 great
I love this your technique is really amazing beautiful job
#5 yay!
yayyy! i'm SO glad you liked it!!! :]
#4 oh my goodness
That was absolutly outstanding! You totally deserve the award you recieved. It was beautiful oh man, I'm speechless.
#3 thank you!
thank you both!! your kind words really mean a lot:]
#2 Really great
You're beautiful. Keep it up.

#1 dance
you are a really great dancer!!!!!
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