Baby Blue on the wings of angels

The greatest journeys begin with one single step, and sometimes that step alone is a leap of faith. This piece has been a lifetime in the making. A lifetime of ups and downs. I hope that the power of faith, belief, and perseverance are as apparent in my work as they have been in my life, for I know that in my darkest moments it was my faith alone that carried me "on the wings of angels."

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Performance
Keywords: Baby Blue Angels
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Overall rating: 3.9
Votes: 244
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#25 Wow!
This is so beautiful, heart-felt, and original.
Such a beautiful and touching piece!..I love the poem at the end. Very original!! I love everything about this performance!!
Such a beautiful and touching piece!..I love the poem at the end. Very original!! I love everything about this performance!!
#22 Bold grace
A wonderful performance, and yet mindful of the dedicated work that goes into the creative process and rehearsing before "the show." Congratulations t o youth on the move- joyously. Checko
#21 "Touching"
Tasha - you express so much in the choreography-the dancers are so graceful and talented-what an awesome job-you should be so proud!!! Maria

u guys rock ... excellent job!
#19 BABY BLUE ...
one of your best pieces ever! such a great group of dancers! best of luck - may success be yours. grace & peace xo
#18 Absolutely Beautiful
What a terrific job ladies & gentleman!!! I loved it.
#17 Heart Warming
Beautifully done!!
Great performance to Cuch and the gang.

#15 Love Dave and your interpretation...BEAU
Tasha, Absolutely amazing! You are so talented and passionate! It reflects through your work. I hope you win! You deserve it!!! -Angelina = )
#14 Beautiful!
Good luck!! you definitely deserve to win Tasha!!!!
#13 Good Luck
Great job honey! I'm proud of you. I hope you win!!! (Stacy)
#12 Created from your heart!!
An outstanding piece of art. Top performers, excellant lighting and a superb Videographer :-) - Break a leg!
#11 great
that was so good i love it

Awesome piece ... you all look great! Mel (as always) you're amazing! Good luck guys!
#9 Touching ...
Such a beautifully moving piece - I was deeply touched. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with the world - exposing your soul like that took great strength and courage. Your dancers are both talented and lovely. I especially liked the ladies that lifted the gentleman - very different! They made it seem absolutely effortless. I wish you all the best in this contest.
#8 Always follow your Dreams~
Tasha...Always follow what's in your heart! Never give up on your DREAMS. Beautiful Choreography~ Love Geri~xo
#7 Baby Blue
Superbly smooth.
#6 kudos 2 u ...
the simple, yet tasteful costumes add to the graceful flow of this piece. the dancers did a wonderful job of bringing your vision to life - you must be very proud.

#5 Beautiful!!
Nice flowing choreography , beautifully executed! Representation and vision went well with song choice...Good luck in future endeavors!
#4 Movement choice..
Though flexibility doesn't make a dance, I feel like some other choices should have been made to show off strong points of certain dancers. Otherwise, nice work.
#3 <3 you Cuch
We're getting the video circulated :) The team is so proud of you! -Kerry
#2 Congrats
Congrats on creating your vision.
#1 desired effect
i love having something different...seeing the girls lifting the boys is a nice change of pace...your dance has wonderful flow and i love it!!!!
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