Any disturbance in the rhythm of the heartbeat.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Modern
Keywords: Kellie Hodges
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Overall rating: 3.5
Votes: 210
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#24 Awesome
Love how they keep changing formations... it keeps it interesting
#23 Thank You!
It is rare to see a number that actually knows and understands what real contemporary is. Your piece was a pleasure to watch. Without words, you told a thrilling story.
this is fierce <#
#21 interesting
the choreography is great and the dancing is amazing, but that goes without saying. while it could perhaps be more hard hitting at times i see the musicality in it and i think it works well. i love it. my critique is, though, that i dont seem to fully comprehend the story. i can see the heartbeat inspiration in the movement and there seems to be some sort of frantic story going on. but at the end, the different variations in the five-dice formation loses me. and the ending doesnt conclude it for me. it feels a bit more like a work in progress. but hey, maybe you don't want a story. thats fine too. :]
#20 very talented!
the dancers and the choreography was superb, my only complaint was that i felt the dance itself was a little to graceful and smooth for the music. the music is so heavily rhythmic and has so many choppy backbeats and multi dimensional rhythms that i feel some faster, choppier moves could have really expressed this better. the dance also lacked an emotional element to really bring me into it. i'm torn though because outside of the music this dance was stunning and the technique was beautiful!

#19 Beautiful
Absolutely the best!!!!!!!!!
#18 Ditto...the best!
Very, very nice...super strong piece and the dancers make it look so easy! I only wished that the video was tighter...I'm sure I was missing some of the action! Great work all around...good luck in the competition!
#17 YES!
That was totally awesome! You go girls!
#16 Choreography
This competiton is about choreography, NOT costumes. I think that if a dance is only good because of its costumes it is not a good dance at all. But I think that this dance is amazing and has so much quality. Great Job Kellie!

#14 Ehh..
It was nice but its too far away and you can't see the costumes really. they seem really plain.
#13 The Bomb!
Rian, you do your "thing girl"! This is so awesome! I am so proud of you. Don't forget me when you become famous! :) 2 thumbs up and snap! Love Sharon
#12 terrific job!!
amazing performance way to go
#11 amazing
great job!
#10 Excellent, Best I've Seen
WOW, this dance shows great strength and movement. You girls are really dancing and showing your versitility. This is not an easy dance. You make it look effortless. Great Job. It's the best in the competition!!!!

#9 All the best
Best of luck :)
#8 Superb
That was Great !!!
#7 The Whole Shebang!
This was a really good and well-choreographed dance!
#6 I Loved It ^_^
It was a very beautiful dance with some interesting choreography. Great job ladies!!!
#5 Different
It's very different but admirable to see how hard these dancers push themselves.

#4 tcdance
#3 Awesome!
Great movement, awesome piece!
This is by far the best piece of choreography in this competition. Ms. Hodges has an amazing talent for this stuff!
#1 Kellie's choreography
It was a very fluid piece! There was a lot of activity in it, good job!
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