Kevin's Ali Le Corsaire

Me doing the Ali variation from Le Corsaire

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#14 Amazing
That was beautiful! Wonderful job!
#13 good!
On the whole, very good! A few things to work on... 1. don't change your spot right before you start your pirouettes and double tour (you shift it to your right) and 2. watch your wrists--sometimes your hand droops which loses strength in your line. Aside from those two tiny details, excellent!
#12 fabulous
but point those toes in the turns even more. YOU ROCK
#11 nice
at your level, i am comparing to professionals... so i'll just start with the critique, if that's ok. pirouettes have to be faster! sport faster, sharper take-off for prep, higher releve (don't "spin"), and stretched supporting leg. Otherwise, very powerful and effecting performance.
#10 Fantastic
Very good, a pleasure to watch you.

#9 Very Good
Very good! The steps were strong and clear! You have great talent!
#8 fantastic
you have very nice control and fluidity. Your artistry makes it interesting to watch. Great muscles too!
#7 Good
that was great! Relly Nice Job!
#6 Nice
Your dancing is really good. I know people already said this, but you do have great control. This is probably kind of weird, but I think it'd be great if you smiled in some of the poses.
#5 Wonderful Job!!!
Wow...that was really good! Your technique is fantastic. You were really good.

#4 Great job!
Strong. Control
you have incredible technique and great body control. keep up the oustanding work!!
#2 great control
YOu have amazing control of your body when you dance. Great job!
#1 wow
he's good
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