Suzie P Taylor Choreographer

"Apologize" choreographed by Suzie P Taylor from Youngstown, Ohio (Not THEE Suzi Taylor from NYCDA, BDC,etc...) I really love to choreograph and express how the music makes me feel. I usually put on a song and start moving around the studio, my bedroom, or my kitchen and whatever happens, happens.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
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Keywords: Suzie P Taylor Choreography lyrical jazz contemporary
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#2 thanks :)
Thanks so much! The people voting aren't very nice lol. Her name is Coleen McMahon....I randomly found her on YouTube. She recorded this in her bedroom. Thanks again :)
#1 Apologize
Wow...great job!! Who sings this version of the song? Beautiful dance matched with a beautiful song!
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