Choreographer: Maria Hackbarch Dancers: Matt Hickman, Timothy Herian, Melissa Herriges, Christine Thielke, Melissa Stern and Lauralyn Voigt

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: General
Keywords: Capezio A. C. E. Award.
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Overall rating: 4.4
Votes: 376
1,636 points


#19 Yeah!!!
yeah I finally got to vote for the best one overall!
#18 Great Choreography!
I really enjoyed this dance! The choreography was amazing! Good luck all of you!
#17 Interesting
That was so bizarre but I loved it!
#16 Very inspiring
Love the opening-- what an awesome interpretation!
#15 Unique
Very unique. Well done!

#14 Beautiful
It's absolutely beautiful. Breath taking.
#13 Dreamlike Performance
This experience left me with a silent chill. It reminds me of a dream that, while haunting, leaves one with a sense of lonliness and longing upon waking up.
#12 Cool!
That's cool. IDK what else to say.
#11 Trampolina
nice work
#10 WOW!
I am in love with this dance. Very VERY well done, good luck!

#9 Mesmerizing
Trampolina captured a dreamlike, ethereal quality that was mesmerizing and so beautifully performed. Delightful.
#8 Trampolina was mesmerizing
Captured a dreamlike, ethereal quality to this dance. Beautifully performed!
#7 Choreography and Dancing are amazing!
One of the finest performances this reporter has ever seen.
#6 Trampolina
Love,love,love this amazing piece!!!
#5 Outstanding choreography!
The choreography does a great job complimenting the music.

#4 Unique Dance
Unique music, costuming, and choreography. I love the whole concept! This dance most definitly stands out :)
#3 Neat Dance!
Cool costumes and choreagraphy
#2 Wonderful movement
Love the fluid motion to the movement of the song.
#1 Love
This is awesome!
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