How's It Going to End?

Kelsey Donner's Solo from "The Disconnect." in Richmond, VA December 2007. This video is opening night (5 shows total in 3 days), so Kelsey has already busted her own chops for the promenade, and her leg didn't drop in a single other show! Beauty. ;) love you, pimp. Kelsey is 15 years old, and I wanted to create a solo for her which allowed her to explore the sensual side of dancing... in a completely appropriate way. She's moved alot of people with her performance of this piece. And if you wanna know what's on the piece of paper... you'll have to ask Kelsey :)

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#5 Fantastic
I love how you actually dance and tell the story in this piece and don't spend all your time doing tricks.
#4 holla!
Very nice job. Sassy and sultry, yet so graceful. But can you do it in two minutes? Think about it.
#3 Spread the Love
This message is to anyone who has taken the time to read it... Kelsey and I will be in NYC the week of August 11th to take classes and I am shopping my portfolio for a job at Steps and BDC (hope, hope... I know I'll be a little fish, but I'm still growin!) If anyone sees this that can suggest great classes in any additional studios in all 5 bros... for Hip-Hop and Contemporary... holla at me! We just wanna dance! we have lots of love for dance to spread. Look for our next video coming soon!
#2 amazing
your really great kelsey more then i even relized :)
#1 amazing
your really great kelsey more then i even relized :)
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