First time doing fouettes en pointe... kind of rough!

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#13 :) good job
good job, you looked really good. I think it's easier to do fouettes with a bun instead of a ponytail but that is just my opinion.
#12 preety good
good just turnout knee more it helps when you are whipping and spot more
#11 ur doing good
just keep practicing, i know i used to suck when i first tryed those turns on pionte! just keep going girl and you'll get them sooner or later
#10 One more thing!
Shoulders down. Relax. They're just fuottes. Don't get too flustered about it.
#9 Fuottes
turn out turn out turn out!! if you think in each fuotte about stopping for a split second in a le second and then whipping that foot into retire and spotting, it makes them so much easier. keep your arms supported from your back and don't "swim" with your working leg OR your hands. Keep working! they"ll get easier! XOXO RaeBallerina

#8 corrections
these are good for the first time but if you take these corrections and work them they could be even better. 1.when you go to hit posse your hitting a jazz posse when you hit your posse it needs to be a nice beautiful ballet turned out posse! 2. great posture but it would help you amazingly if you push your chest foward a little and suck in!! 3. i feel like your right arm is scooping to get around. your LEFT arm needs to snap around and your right arm just needs to sit there and look pretty.! ♥
#7 *cough*
U don't have any support in ur back whatsoever because ur arms are not placed and ur shoulders are up. I'm not sure if u r trying to do these fouettes parallel or what but ur bottom leg is not straight. Keep ur center in place so u don't move quite as much.
#6 good though
ur almost there keep working at them ur soooo close!!
#5 coming along
You have great spotting and turning speed, but you need strait legs and a better turnout. Work on your upper body posture a bit more. Make shure your gesture leg gets all the way side. I know these are really tough. Keep working! Good luck.
#4 upper body
your upperbody looks kinda rough and tense. I know those are really hard,but just keep on working hard!!!

#3 good job...
keep you shoulders down, and make sure your bottom leg is completely straight. also, make sure you're pressing down into the floor, that way, you won't be as likely to fall over. great job, though!
#2 good song!
I love that song by red hot chili peppers. That was all I needed to like you. Otherwise, your fouettes were VERY nice on pointe great job.
#1 ..
your shoulders are up and you leg and feet are turned in..
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