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just practicing. only 5 months on pointe

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#11 Arms and knees
All because you guys are now on pointe doesn't mean you lose control of your arms. A lot of you held your arms like someone being in ballet for only 2 years. and you really need to straighten your legs all the way when your on pointe.
#10 i agree
i aggree with breizgurl411 please consider it good job pretty much though
#9 hi
yoo i wish i could delete the first thing i said but now we r at a new studio and the floor is sooo much bettter and that was my first dance ever on pointe! I can say that for the recital we did pretty good> GOOD JOB TO EVERYONE IN THE 2008 NORTH STARS RECITAL! but yaaa I do kinda agree on everyones sugggestions that we did need to go on our box more andd yaa. There was like only 2 ppl really ready for this dance.GOOOD JOB MARIA AND MICHELE!!
#8 ummmm
if ur goin to wear pointe shoes, dance on pointe. if ur on demi most of the time, wear flats. ya'll need some work.
#7 Not Ready!
It seemed to me like all of the girls on pointe were not ready. They should have been much better if they've been on pointe for 5 months? Their technique neeeds to be refined. Knees need to be straightend, toes pointed...etc. I'm a dancer so this is coming from someone who has had some experience. It just seemed like they weren't ready at all. Maybe with some more practice and strengthing they will be better.

#6 Well...
I'm going to have to agree with ChinaDoll. Even the ones who are on pointe, have sickled feet and aren't all the way on their box. The floor looks fine to me :/
#5 More Work!!
I agree with ChinaDoll and Ballet29. Most of the girls are on demi pointe. Keep practicing getting ALL THE WAY on the box. Otherwise, the girls are very graceful, and are probably really good at ballet!! Good Job!!!
#4 yayayaya
ya im thelil blonde one lol we r ready for dis for ur info yayayaya and we da bommb!!
well our floor is really bad since we r moving studios right now so we have to mark all of our jumps and i am ready for that kind of routine
#2 Demi points
it seems like most people are only on demi point and aren't even ready for this type of point routine

#1 Very weak point!
Seen like nobody is ready on pointe.
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