I am a Thousand Pounds

5 dancers featured in a contemporary style piece backed by the music of Sigur Ros. Performed at the 2008 Dance Chicago Festival. Choreographed by Sean Dahlberg.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Performance
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Overall rating: 3.6
Votes: 71
256 points


#13 Great choreography
The technique, flow, and lighting effects were excellent! I thought the interpretation and the visual story were fabulous and hit the mark with the music choice. Great job!!
#12 Brilliant
Seaniekins!!!! I finally got to vote and leave a comment! YAY! So, I gave you a one.....hahahahahaha...no, not really. Sean, you've come such a long way from the days when you and I made up stories about "Kudzu." You're one of the most talented and creative people I know. You have such a heart for dance and it shows. Thank you, kiddo, for sharing your creativity with all of us. It's truly a gift and one which I hope you will continue to nurture. I love you, and I'm so proud of you!
#11 Words can't describe
Simply....wow. This is truly sublime.
#10 Thank You
Thank you so much to everyone who has voted and who has yet to. All of your kind thoughts and encouragement is why I do what I do! Thank you again and please keep your fingers crossed for me :)
#9 Proud of you!
I've always said that someday I would be able to say, "I knew you when..." Wonderful!

#8 That choreo...
is spectacular :)
#7 Pure Talent!
watch out dance world! This guy is going to be BIG! Incredible choreography! I loved it!
#6 Wow!!!!
Holy Poop! Your overall rating should be way higher. Its amazing!!!
#5 LOVE!!
SEAN!! I love your choreo, as you know...amazing!
#4 I Am a Thousand Pounds
Sean, you are amazing!!! You have a Billion Pounds of Talent!!!

#3 Breath taking
Absolutely beautiful!!!!! loved it.... took my breath away
#2 voting?
how does one vote?
#1 I'm a thousand pounds
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