Natalia Makarova in Pictures

Here's a great slideshow of photos from our May 2010 interview with Natalia Makarova.

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Natasha was born to be a ballerina. Not just Russian, but her shapely face, big expressive eyes, large cheekbones and perfect svelte, yet rubber-like flexible body and long, willowy limbs, Makarova has emerged as one the greatest ever to put on a pair of tights and toe shoes. Damned bitch, she blew away any who dared to share the stage with her. Few boys could dare to hold their own around Natasha. But those that dared to come close were people like Misha, Rudi, Sascha and Dowell. 'Nuff said.
#1 a true star
I love Natalia Makarova.I realize what makes her so great is the spirit of passion she puts into each movement of her body and each emotion.She gives 500% of herself as she dances.As dancers it's so easy to get caught up in worrying about our bodies and whether they're perfect or not.I recognize with Makarova that her extensions were wonderful but not as extended as many dancers' extensions are now.None of that matters!She is mesmerizing and knows how to express the human condition balletically.
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