"Awkward Silence"

"Awkward Silence" is a contemporary dance piece that depicts the relationship of a man and a woman and their inability to communicate and connect with each other on a daily basis;therefore, creating an "awkward silence." The setting is at a kitchen table, where many couples meet over dinner and discuss their day. The women in this dynamic piece of choreography each represent a different aspect in a person's relationship. The repetitive hand gestures are symbolic of the "daily" routine and frustrations a couple may feel inside when individual conflicts arise within the relationship and cannot be resolved.

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Overall rating: 3.4
Votes: 63
217 points


#10 Wow!
Outstanding performance!
#9 wow
this is beautiful!
#8 Love this dance!!!
Michele is such a good coereoghrapher and inner soul is filled with the best dancers. good job on the video!
#7 unbelievable
grt job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#6 Brilliant
cant wait to see more from this company!!!!!!

#5 Outstanding
This incredible piece of choreography is moving,and makes you feel as though something very intense is going on between the dancers!
#4 amazing
simply amazing!
#3 Loving this!!
The ending is great!!.. WOW
#1 Amazing!
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