A Mime's Love Story Choreographed by David Mann Performed by Fancy Feet Dance Studio NC

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: General
Keywords: tap choreo david mann
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Overall rating: 4.5
Votes: 348
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#28 wow
wow that was AMAZING! it was A LOT better than i first expected when i clicked on it. :) keep on dancing!
#27 love it!!
Proud of you David................
#26 right on!
I have seen this dance live and it is amazing.
#25 WOW
This dance might have the most talent I have ever seen in a dance video...............this video should definetly win.
#24 wow
omg that was so cool you should winn

#23 D. Mann Fan
Incredible... As always...
#22 great dance
I've seen this dance live, great job y'all
#21 This is Really Good
This is such a creative tap dance. I love the concept, the costumes, the choreography, everything. Great job.
#20 Wow
This is nasty raw talent laying flat out on the counter. Its spreading everywhere faster than the competition knows what to do. Hands down David. WAY TO GO.
#19 Wow
Wow! This dance is amazing! I love both the choreography and the dancers!

#18 fancy feet
It looks like a Justin dance only in tap shoes.
#17 That was awesome!!!!
You have always been so talented and it is great to see you still sharing your talents with everyone to see. I always loved watching you dance. Judi Cecich
#16 the best dance!
i love this dance alot
#15 Fantastic!!!
Love all of your work and this was AWESOME!!! South Florida is cheering for ya!!
#14 Great!
Great job Mr.David!

#13 Incredible!
Looks great!!
#12 A Mime's Love Story
#11 Perfect
Synchronized perfection...love it!
#10 Mime
Great job!
#9 I Love This Dance!!!
One of my favorite dances! Great job David!!!

#8 Wow
What the what David.. you continue to go ABOVE AND BEYOND. This is so amazing. Totally unexpected and absolutely lovely. Loved it!
#7 Awesome as always!!!
I love this David! Wonderful!! Fantastic!!!
#6 Awesome!
Love this dance - very creative!!
#5 Great!!
Love this great idea and concept!!
#4 As always Well Done
David as always well done. Love the piece and love how your mind thinks. Very creative, and robert is the bomb.

#3 interesting
different!!! cool concept. wouldn't have expected this from a tap routine. well done.
#2 I love it!
Wow! With so many dances out there that look alike, this one is very original and fun! I love it!
#1 Very Creative!
Loved it! Pat Todd
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