Einstein on the Beach

"Einstein on the Beach" Choreographed By Nicole Barber from Toronto Ontario Canada

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Performance
Keywords: nicole barber einstein on the beach
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Overall rating: 4.1
Votes: 140
570 points


#29 awesome
I LOVE these costumes they r beautiful and i love the way you use them! Awesome
#28 goosebumps
This video gave me goosebumps! Just so beautifly done!
I have never seen anything like this before and i love it. Hands down some of the best choreography i've ever seen. The dancers are exquisite!
#26 genius
This piece is outstanding, creative, and needs to be shared. Please watch it and vote for it. This is truly a choreographer that must share herself with the dance world!!!
#25 WI NNER!
i really hope this wins. definitely deserves it!

I keep pressing 5 because this dance and choreographer deserve it so much! I love everything about it.
#23 A-freakin-mazing!
this piece leaves me breathless every single time i watch it! definitely a winner! congrats nicole!
#22 Wow...
Have never seen this amazing choreography. This is art and innovation. It is very unique. You had brought what people have never seen before... You are very talented.
#21 Creativity At It's Best!
Wow! Outstanding Choreography!
EVERYONE WATCH THIS OVER AND OVER its amazing. and RATE 5. this should win

#19 Breathtaking
This is truly a unique and interesting piece, it leaves you breahtless and wanting to see more. Truly a very talented choreographer and teacher, no doubt, a true winner.
#18 Brilliant
Keeps you interested from start to finish. Wonderful showcase for the dancers and has a cohesive feel to the piece that draws you in. It gets better every time you watch it. Great work!
#17 Exquisite
Choreography is precise, pure and unbelievably imaginative!! This choreographer has fulfilled the growing need for contemporary art in dance! Definitly number 1!!
#16 Awesome
Nicole's choreography is a cut above the rest. It is unique and powerful, truly awesome!
#15 Outstanding
Just beautiful to watch. Outstanding talent to be able to choregraph this way!

#14 Unprecedented
phenomenal choreo is way ahead of its time and gets better everytime you watch it. Truly a masterpiece. Congrats Nicole!
Breath-taking choreo! Winner= Nicole Cook-Barber!
#12 Gifted Talent...
"What a inspirational performance, Nicole you clearly have a gift, and true talent in dance"
#11 WOW
This is an exceptional example of supreme dancing.
#10 Chilling
It doesn't matter if you don't get it all...just enjoy the brilliance

#9 Speechless
There are no words to describe this exquisite, mind blowing choreography. It is historic yet modern and hands down a winner. It is captivating, beautiful and eye opening. It's impossible to watch just once, everytime watched, something new is spotted and it only adds to the complexity and brilliance that is this piece. If this isn't top choreography, I don't know what is. Perfection, inspiring and jaw dropping are only few of the words which come to mind. Hands down the best choreography posted.
#8 Stunning
Beautiful and well done!
#7 Powerful
incredible choregraphy.
#6 Einstein on the Beach
This is the most unique choreography I have ever seen, truly a winner in my eyes
#5 Great!!
Choreography is wonderful. just beautiful.

#4 Inspiring
There is something freudian about me goose bumps! Love it!
#3 Wow!!
Brilliant...very moving and unique!!
#2 Amazing
Beautiful choreography! Very unique and well executed. Bravo!
#1 Perfection
Unbelievable choreography!! I have seen nothing like it, pure genius. Hands down a winner.
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