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THE OTHER ONE IS SPED UP BY MISTAKE Choreo: By US Marine Roman Baca In a time of violence, the work focuses on the hearts and minds of the people and Marines directly involved in the war. It gives a rare glimpse into the thoughts behind the actions both domestic, here at home, and in combat, far away. This work is dedicated to the authors of the letters. Some of them were reunited, some were not. They all are still dealing with wounds from the war.

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#4 art should move the viewer
This is what distinguishes dance as an art form. So often the audience wants only to be entertained. In addition, it depicts the human condition in the medium of movement. This speaks to the heart and makes the viewer think about what they are watching. Wonderful meshing of two universes!
#3 Real Army Wife
As a real, live Army Wife living deployment, this piece rings true to the letters written, the emotions voiced, and energy devoted. Heartache, desperation, longing, devotion, coping, hope and curiosity overwhelm. Our soldiers, marines, air and seamen and women and are all of our spouses, children, siblings and friends. Thank you for your service, remembering, honoring, creating and sharing.
#2 Art and War
The Greeks have taught us well-art is a most worthy translator for the underworld of war. Only through the imagination can the unimaginable be acknowledged and given a face. In the common nature of our humanity, all one can do is try. Thank you for your efforts in bringing your reality into ours.
#1 real life meets art
Well done Mr. Baca. I love the use of the letters for sound. Also, great set up and light. Good luck and Semper Fi.
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