This piece was choreographed by Aly Moss and Zandra Thomas. The dancers are Matt Luck, Kortney Mullins, Hayley Menshouse, Karmyn Dorethy, Deja Miller, Lindsey Knoth and Alyssa Stamp. It is a wedding with a twist, enjoy!

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Overall rating: 3.9
Votes: 112
434 points


#18 work guys.
i love this dance. and all of you guys. your amazing. :)
#17 BreathTaking!!!
Another amazing work from Z Company.Loved it!
#16 Silence
Absolutely beautiful.
#15 Silence
I so loved watching this. They danced the story beautifully! I love when a dance makes me "feel", this one did that.
#14 AHHH

#13 Beautiful
Everything about this dance is beautiful, the dancers, the choreography and the music. This dance has so much heart!
#12 Phenomenal
This is amazing!!!
#11 Silence is Amazing
So intense! It makes me cry everytime. Amazing....
#10 AmaZing!
AmaZing is really all that needs to be said!
#9 Wow
Love this Video

#8 Perfection
#7 Beyond Words
This is my favorite group dance EVER!!! I love it!!!
#6 love
I love this dance
#5 pretty
this is so so pretty and amazing!!
#4 Silence
Words can't describe how good this dance is.

#3 video
#2 love
i cry everytime i see it! love!!!
#1 Incredible
This is an amazing dance.
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