Performed by Focal Point's Sr. Company. My heart.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
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Overall rating: 3.8
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WOW! Beautiful, Breath taking, Best i've seen yet! Just AMAZING!
#6 Phenomenal
I just saw a Focal Point Dance and immediately rated it a 5! Every dance performed by these girls is incredible and leaves me at a loss for words. I could sit all day and watch these dances over and over again!!! If I had the opportunity to dance at FP I would!!! Keep up the phenomenal work! WEERRRRKKKKK!
#5 you better
#4 Thank you
to new artists and being inspired. Much respect to this is rare to see choreography set on a large group, that actually requires every dancer to move as one a majority of the time. A lot of the time there is so much going on, which is also brilliant, however it is refreshing to see something more uniform as well. Very powerful!
#3 Brilliant
You need to experience Amanda Tae's pieces in person to get the full passion and effect. It's truly brilliant on video and breathtaking in person.

#2 The Best dancing the Best
Just one of Amanda Tae's amazing pieces, danced by her beautiful company girls. RATE: 5!!
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