Elephants by Heather Soccio

The inspiration for Elephants began with the image of an elephant cage being suddenly derailed from a train while on a journey to a far away land. The image is a metaphor for our own personal cages that we confine ourselves in while navigating our way through our own lives, and how we cope when the journeys of our lives are suddenly interrupted and take an unexpected new direction. Sometimes we fight to get back on course alone, sometimes we turn to our friends for strength & support, and sometimes we surrender ourselves to the new journey and make new discoveries along the way. Just as the elephants are forced to discover themselves free from the safety of their captivity, so are we afforded the opportunity to see ourselves from a new and sometimes surprising perspective once our lives become unexpectedly derailed.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
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#13 Touching
I loved the flow of the dance and how it came together with the music. Absolutely amazing.
Not only do the dancers shine in this dance, Heather Soccio shows her amazing talents in Choreography. You need to check out all her dances from her studio as this is only ONE of MANY amazing Dances. I have watched this studio now for several years and the one thing I hear in the audience is "WOW". Heather, on stage it is not just a dance to all of your students, it's a complete story that is told and when it is complete you leave the audience wanting more. From age 5-18 your girls are amazing.
#11 Mezmerizing
This is beautifully choreographed and executed. Talent shines throughout. Congratulations to all! Your dicipline is incredible.
#10 :]
#9 Dang that's GOOD!!
That was beautiful! It was very cool to finally see you dance. Wish we could tell which was you Steph. Good luck!!

#8 Elephants
Amazing Heather! We did this song as well this year. John, ECM
my favoritee dance by far<3
#6 =)
#5 Chilling!
Takes your breath away and just love the story it portrays! Innovative, Powerful and Dynamic! It takes you on a journey that is relatable to your own personal challenges and experiences! Heather's choregraphy take you to that next level and her dancers couldn't be more proud than to bring her choreography to life!!!
#4 !!
I. Am. In love with this dance studio. Never have I been so moved and inspired by such a group of dancers. Every piece was entirely original, amazingly well done, creative, and just so enjoyable to watch. These girls are incredibly inspiring and overall friendly girls. There has only been one other time where choreography has brought me to tears, and Heather Soccio's choreography makes that two times. There are no other words to describe this whole studio other than simply amazing. <3

#3 beautiful!
what a beautiful picture it paints
#2 WOW!
Absolutely stunning! Incredibly refreshing choreography!
#1 Wonderful!
Simply amazing, joy to watch!
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