losing my way.

marInspired; the company in rehearsals dancing a section of the piece, "losing my way." choreographed by: marinda* davis. danced by: tommy scrivens, miguel quinones III, michael mcarthur, robert vail, matthew flatley. how often we perceive to lose ourselves, whether it be in a substantial or miniscule way, is a common human experience i believe artists in particular frequent. i am constantly amazed by the resilience of the human spirit, particularly amongst New Yorkers and to go a step further, amongst New York artist situated within a struggling economy. this section of the piece, told through the athleticism of five men, is a glimpse into the strength so many of us power through our worst obstacles with. a commentary on both coping mechanisms and the vulnerability often found hiding behind facades, we watch five men put their way through personal demons and barriers via hard hitting motifs and the very human repetition of getting up after every blow.

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#9 Doubtful
She probably wrote all of these comments herself. Look at the dates on the comments...
#8 Marinda!!!!!!!
you are the best!!!!! Good u <3<3<3
#7 Marinda!!!!!!!
you are the best!!!!! Good u <3<3<3
#6 I <3 Marinda!!
Yes ma'am! Brilliance!
#5 Always,
always, always love your work!!!!! keep it up!

#4 as always,
i've been marInspired.
#3 So glad....
you put something in for this! You're incredible....
#2 Marinda!!!
Such a HUGE fan of yours!
#1 Powerful!
Everything this woman does is stunning.
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