Paquita Variation

I learned this variation at a two day dance workshop at my studio. I am the one with the brown hair wearing the black leotard and skirt.

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#15 pacquita
you did good but try getting your leg in a higher attitude position when doing those fouettes! everything else looks good!
#14 lovely
you are so confident and graceful i love watchin you dance.
#13 ...
your in the black pointe shoes? well i dont think your techniqe is good ennough for that peice...youll gett hurt its very sloppy but strenthen and maybe a few ore years...
#12 I don't agree...
Some of you say that the girls in the back are not ready for pointe yet. I don't exactly think that they aren't ready for pointe shoes, I just think they aren't ready for that variation.
#11 good job black skirt girl!
that was very good for learning it in two days. you were amazing! the other two needed work, but they'll get it. you should smile the whole way through, because it really makes the performance step up a notch.

#10 Beautiful
You are a very beautiful and graceful dancer. I do agree with the others though that the two girls in back are not ready for pointe, but I believe that they did the best that they could and that's all that matters.
#9 Need improvement
The girl in the front almost got it. The teacher should correct those two at the back. They scared me, please don't get injured! They are too young and still have a long way to go and they should love ballet. I guess that'mariadance' students are even worse and they are the one to 'get off pointe'!
#8 ...
I'm sure that the girls who are receiving all these condescending comments are very new to pointe and are doing the best they can. The technique of the girl this video is about looks good, and I’m sure the other girls are receiving proper training. The Ballerina
#7 The two girls in back row...
It looks like the two girls in the back row (the girl in black pointe shoes and the girl next to her) look like they have no idea what they are doing nor can they keep up on pointe. So for the sake of safety and the people watching, get off pointe and clean up the technique!!
#6 upper body
Your upper body looks a little heavy but otherwise it looks like your doing pretty good.

#5 i mean it!
plz tell ur teacher to clean this dance
#4 sloppy
im sorry but the girl in black pointe shoes needs to get off!!!!
#3 nice!
you look really sweet! Nice work. As an advice italian fouettes are much more easier if you legs go up a little higher!
#2 i mean in
the black pointe shoes get off not ready
#1 im the black pointe shoes
get off pointe..
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