Learn the Shim Sham: Part 1

In the December issue, DS looks at the Shim Sham, a short, simple routine that's frequently performed at tap events. Here, Claudia Rahardjanoto takes you through the Shim Sham step by step. She's joined by Lynn Schwab, Felipe Galganni and Chikako Iwahori.

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#2 Learn the Shim Sham
I love this video. I've been trying to learn to tap dance, and this has been the number 1 most useful and most fun. The right speeds, the right instructions, and then with good music. And Claudia has such an engaging and easy-going manner.
#1 Learn the Shim Sham with Rahardjanoto
Unable to access this video. Has it been deleted? Your response will be appreciated. Thank you.
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