Man Eater, So Excited, & Fergilicious Mix

Dance performance at the dance show.

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Keywords: Man Eater So Excited Fergie mix jazz group performance hip hop
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Overall rating: 2.5
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#4 oops
im sorry but that was just weird like no one knew what they were doing so work a little harder ..... i bet you guys only practice what 1 time a week
#3 it was ok
u guys were not together most of the time. It was kinda a mess with the leg extention line and one girl fell outt of her fouete turns. Sry it was just ok. Not really that good
#2 you
def need to work on ur placement and togetherness it was bad at some times and it was kinda bad cheorgraphy at some times but at others it was really good!
#1 dance
keep up the good work!
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