Rotation Of Life

Choreographer: Julie England Music- Fix U- Cold Play Airborne Dancers: Rhys Reukema, Shelby Rutten, Rachel Lowe, Alexis Genereux, Laura Torgrimson ,Thea Lund, Alison Wilson, Kayla Hagel, Melanie Longaire, Alexa Ms, Nikki Groves, Alexis Furling

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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 39
180 points


#14 LOVE
firstly i love the song. beautifully choreographed. perfect. wow!:)!
#13 Thumbs up from Texas...
GREAT work Miss J!!!
#12 Rotation of Life
Love it Miss Julie!!!
#11 Beautiful!
Such creativity & joy - thank you for sharing your grace and talent!
#10 England supports you!!
Well done Julie and her dancers! Beautiful, moving performance to an emotive choice of a song!! :-)

#9 Rotation of life
first-class choreography and dancing, an extremely moving piece.
#8 Breathtaking
Choreography is so beautiful! And the dancers, what great strength! Absolutely Breathtaking!!!!
#7 Learning To Trust
Wonderful group dedication, strength and heart. So proud of all dancers!!
#6 Love It!!
This is GREAT!! Relaxing!!
#5 Still Love it
It will be among the ones we will always remember!!! One of the emotional ones!!!

#4 Choreographers Thank you
A choreographer can not make his/ her vision come alive without the hard work and passion of amazing dancers! love you all!!
#3 Absoloutely Beautiil
The flow and the angles and the expression of the dance are a heart felt experiece of the soul. Fantastic job everyone!!!!!
#2 Absolutely Amazing !!
Well done Miss J .....
#1 Best Number!
She is so amazing!
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