RALFii "The Dancer"

Me doing a freestyle dance.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Performance
Keywords: RALFii The Dancer
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Overall rating: 3.1
Votes: 72
220 points


#17 nice
pretty good dude!!
#16 my bad
I just saw that the category was performance, my bad. Sorry!
#15 wrong venue
I think you are a great dancer, but this is a choreo competition, so you really don't belong here.
#14 ralfii
Nice concept. Cool to watch.
#13 RALFii "The Dancer"
Sometimes your biggest HATERS are the ones who support you the most. Deep down is hard to see someone's true colors but it only takes a small rain drop to see the rainbow.

#12 BarbraKing
And you went on here just to post such a nasty comment to make me look bad? . You are the only pig and the only reason you are talking shit is because i unliked your Crapy facebook page. Thanks for letting yourself be known and you were never a friend to me.
#11 Stop being corrupted
Alright. As you turned out to be an ignorant corrupted pig. I'm changing my vote to 1. Stop begging people on facebook to vote for you in such pathetic way that you are liking their websites for a short time in exchange. I liked your dancing before, but now this is only self loving crap you are trying to be. This is how your dancing went for the worse, and by being a corrupted clown, you're not going success with that. Now you lost a friend, next time less begging, more dancing. Art is not for fame, art is for people! When you open your eyes, then you will succeed. Trust me, I was on the same stage in your age!
#10 Awsome!!
i luv this.. great job good luck! ;)
Hey dude i voted nice Dancing We need more Dancing videos from u BRO
#8 Ralfii =]
Keep On Keepin On Ralfii! Much L.o.v.e.! =]

#7 Keep It Up Bro
Good Luck
#6 :)
Great job, you got my support!
#5 yo
whats good?
#4 Here you go...
You got my vote Ralfii... Follow your dream ! ... :o) ...
#3 :)
Good luck RALFii :) Love you moves :)

#2 Ralfii ROCKS!!!!!
this man can DANCE
#1 Watch it in HD from Youtube
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