Matter Of Time

so i counted a million mistakes when re watching however i like it. this is me in my school's dance studio. (disclaimer i've only been dancing for 5 years..) but dance is my passion i love it so much.

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Event: 2012 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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#26 Beautiful dancer!
Gorgeous Essa! xxoo Trista
#25 !!
keep working girl, you'll get it!
#24 :)
thanks again for all the tips. i will def keep them in mind!!
#23 a few tips...
great job! a few tips though: connect your passe in your turns; fully extend through your knees, ankles, and toes; complete the rotation when spotting (your head whips around but doesnt complete the turn so you fall out of it and dont make it all the way around) your head should be the last to move but the first to arrive (basically keep your eyes on the spot at all times, so when youre ready to fully rotate around your head should whip around like you just cant take your eyes off the view)
#22 its like a snowflake...
you have a lot of potential... but first you should not focus on your "mistakes"... something I have learned is you will never dance a piece the same way twice, there will always be "flaws" but instead of thinking of it as wrong just consider it different, like a snowflake; ever changing but always beautiful... whats great about dance is movement can never be wrong- the dancer is always right... ~Kassandre Renee,

#21 good Attempt
good job ... I agree with some of the comments on your technique and your your confidence keeep improving
#20 thanks
for your honesty, criticism and support everyone!!
#19 :)
keep working on your technique you have passion but you need to pay attention to little details as simple as connecting your passe...
#18 hhmm...
I thought you did a very good job with the choreography! Keep working and improving!
#17 well
it was a good start but lets be honest... your technique needs some work.

Essa you are so talented and beautiful and don't you forget it! this is amazing! love you girl! :)
#15 Amazing
This is really good! You'll go far, girl :)
#14 <3
Wow! I am super impressed by you! Good job!
#13 Wow.
This is very good! I love your technique!
#12 Love!
I absolutely love that song! And your Choreography to it is wonderful! amazing job! you are obviously talented and wonderful!

#11 :)
Love <3
#10 :D
absolutely wonderful!
#9 Woah!
This is so good! you are very talented and inspirational! thanks for sharing!
#8 !!!!
amazing :]]
#7 Go girl :)
Wow you are so flexible! So Good!!!!!!! :)

#6 :D
This is really good! Especially for only having five years of experience! You are sooooo good!
#4 Amazing
Hey girl! You are very talented! You are an amazing dancer!
#3 :)
Amazing as usual!
#2 Wonderful
Wow! You are very talented! I love this!!

#1 Beautiful
You're amazing!!!:)
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