Choreography- Al Blackstone

Hello, my name is Al Blackstone. I am a NYC-based choreographer and dancer currently performing on Broadway. These three pieces represent my efforts to showcase the individual, develop interesting movement, and ultimately to tell a story. I hope that you enjoy!

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#11 AWESOME!!!
Hey Al. Saw this on someone's fb. Break a leg!!! Will miss seeing you and fam this year at DDD recital at the Strand. I'm sure it will be a beautiful show, as always. Say hello to Denise and Al. Miss seeing them!
#10 Blessed
Al so proud of your work thank you for sharing your creative soul xo
#9 YES!
I love you Albert!!! Good luck:)
#8 Beautiful!
Your work is amazing, Al! It brought me to tears. I hope to see it live someday.
#7 Simply genius
Your use of musicality to create expression always amazes me. Than again your performers deliver their end of the performance too! So proud to have danced with you in the past. Best of luck with contest I will spread the word!

#6 Brilliant
You have an incredible ability to move our eye to where you want. Great song choices too. You are born to do this.
Al, you have a special gift. Your choreography gets more and more incredible with every routine. I love watching your routines almost as much as watching you perform. You are absolutely amazing and I admire you. Best of luck to you. You deserve it. Love you!!!!!!!
WOW Albert! You have grown into such a talented young man. Remember attending our daughter's dance recitals many years ago and seeing you as a young boy performing. Loved watching you! Amazing talent!
Love watching everything you create!! good luck!1
#2 Amazing!
I just love watching your work in action!

#1 Pure excellence
Good Luck and much love. I've been admiring your work for years!!
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