"Tolerance" by Stephanie Orza

My piece, Tolerance, is done in a neo-classical/contemporary style. It explores the intensity of intolerance in the world and how rigid & animalistic people can become. Choreographed by Stephanie Orza. Performed by dancers from the Inland Pacific Ballet.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Ballet
Keywords: Tolerance Stephanie Orza Inland Pacific Ballet neo-classical contemporary
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Overall rating: 3.5
Votes: 97
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#18 Tolerance
I loved it!!! Very beautifully performed.
#17 Tolerance
What a beautiful contemporary ballet piece - strong technique and performance!
#16 Tolerance
Really awesome! Wish the video quality was better, but really like this Stephanie! Great work!
#15 YES!
love it!!!
#14 Tolerance
Love it Ms. Stephanie! Intense and awe-inspiring throughout especially the last 50 seconds!

#13 Tolerance
Amazing...captures your attention and imagination!
#12 Tolerance
one of my favorite pieces. miss it SO much. i feel SO proud everytime i watch it.
#11 Tolerance
I am so impressed with Stephanie's talent and artistry. This is a powerful piece - musical, inventive, surprising. Stephanie stretches dancers to their maximum capacity. A wonderful artistic achievemnet.
#10 Tolerance
Beautiful choreography and great dancers!
#9 Tolerance
Really like this work ... kept my attention

#8 Tolerance
This is so dramatic! You do such great work Stephanie!
#7 Love this!
Totally loved seeing this performed live last year!
#6 Tolerance
One of my favorite pieces
#5 Tolerance
Beautiful work Stephanie!!!!
#4 Tolerance
Love this choreography. It's intense and never boring! Suits the music. Thank you Stephanie!

#3 Tolerance
This is beautiful, thoughtful choreography. Also enjoy the strong ballet technique!
#2 Tolerance
#1 Tolerance
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