2007 starbound compation !!!!ME,Meghan Johnson with Becca vago!!!!ages 11!!!!not our best performence!!!love it still!!!PLEASE NO RUDE COMMENTS!!!THANKS!!

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Overall rating: 2.8
Votes: 8
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#9 loove it
i really do love this dance and the song and stuff, it just looks a little weird because one of the girls is like a scrawny little twig, and the onther is more muscular, pleez don't take that the wrong way, i'm just pointing it out. GO AEROSMITH!!!!!!!
#8 awesome!
i love this song! great choice! your really good overall, but make sure your arms are strong and you place them them instead of flop them. your really good for your age though! I love it! good job!
Your arms are strong but they need to be stronger if you want to pesue dancing!! NO affense whatsoever but otherwise you are amzing and I love your song choice! Jazz is the BEST!!!!
#6 Good
very good. need to work on the arms though on your turns. keep them storng!! but you guys are awesome entertainers!! :)
#5 Good
I like that. You two must work very hard. very entertainment! Thank you!

#4 good!
i love seeing talented ppl and they want to know from other ppl if they are doin good keep up the good work!
please give tips!!!!!! I know I am not the best so I really need FEEDBACK so that i can fix what i do wrong and get better thanks!!!!
#2 thanks
!!!!we really tired hard!!!
#1 good overall
you guys have got alot of attitude and obviously are doing your best. i love watching people like that. I loved when you guys crawled and your back went up and down. there were some parts where you guys were in exact sincronization. great job!!!!!!!!!!
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