Van Allen Belts

Van Allen Belts Choreography: Melanie Anastacia Van Allen Music:"Flugufrelsarinn" Kronos Quartet Dancers: ARTEMÓVIDA La Paz, Bolivia 2010 The Van Allen Radiation Belts are two zones encircling the earth in which there are relatively large numbers of high-energy charged particles. The particles are mainly protons and electrons, which are trapped within the belts by the earth's magnetic field. The choreography represents the use of space and negative space, the movement dynamics of the charged particles protons and electrons and how they interact and move while trapped within the radiation belts. Their motions are an elaborate dance, a blend of different periodic motions which take place simultaneously.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Modern
Keywords: Van Allen Belts Modern
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Overall rating: 2.2
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#1 Highly Creative Choreography
The choreographer clearly studied and researched the belts in order to piece together the music and dance in a highly creative way. Excellent!!!
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