Against All Odds

Choreographed by Jenny Buck, this piece is an over-dramatic display of a broken heart and the transformation to becoming a stronger individual. In the end, they wash their hands of it. I would like to thank In Motion Studio of Dance and its director, Jennifer August, and the dancers who helped me bring my vision to life: Marla Richardson, Erin Borud, Julie Angelo, Kristen Demko, Lainee Potter, Blanca Fascio, Erika Macaluso, Natasha Wesely and Jordan Cramer.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Performance
Keywords: Jenny Buck In Motion Studio of Dance
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Overall rating: 3.7
Votes: 127
464 points


#19 cool
the first three women to dance were the nicest in their moves. this was beautiful. congratulations on good job. i am from france sorry for bad english (:
#18 Against All Odds
fabulous choreography on this, but just one of many great peices that you have done. Your style and creativity is a joy to behold
#17 good
#16 Awesome work
Great job by the dancers and the choreographer. I really enjoyed it.
#15 love!
Love this Jenny! You're an amazing choreographer! -Hannah M

#14 Nicely done!
Love the story and the unique choreography. Cool angles on the video and appreciated the level cameras (some of the others in here are a bit shakey!). The dancers did a wonderful job with their expressions and movement! Kudos!
love. love. love. love. love.
#12 Against All Odds
This piece is a beautiful display of brilliant creativity, heartwrenching emotion, and wonderful technique. Congratulations!
#11 Against All Odds
I really like this. Very well done!
#10 Amazing
This piece is absolutely breathe taking!

#9 Pssssst...
WERK. its ash btws.... cant wait to learn this sometime :)
#8 Incredible!
Unique, creative choreography and great execution by the dancers! I'm impressed!
#7 Way Awesome ....really way!!
Jenny, It was so much fun for Veronica & myself to work with you on this. Everyone one did a GREAT JOB! and looks AWESOME!!! Can't wait too shoot stills on this one.
#6 Against All Odds is Awesome!
So proud to know all of you!! You're the best!
#5 Against All Odds
Love the title and loved the video, WOW. . . it will be even better on a big stage. If it were possible I would beg to give it higher than a 5.

#4 Love you Lainee!! Yall are awesome!
Thats my cousin! You are such a strong young lady! And a beautiful dancer! Cant wait for more!
#3 !!!
best video ever.. i must say. i love you guy! and i love you Jenny!! <3
#2 Against all odds
Jenny, You rock! And all the girls look awesome!
#1 ummmm!
werkkk <3
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