On the Run

My inspiration for this piece is based on the fast pace society that we live in. As a whole our society is constantly rushing from here to there with an ongoing need for speed. I took notice of this during my summer in New York City. You come in contact with people everyday but fail to acknowledge their presence. That person that holds the door, you see them but you don’t really look at them. I structured the piece by having my dancers move quickly and constantly to reflect the fast pace of society. I then had them slow down their movements for a short time where they briefly acknowledge one another, and then they are instantly shocked back into a rapid paced world. At the end of the piece the dancers see each other, but fail to make deeper contact, similar to how many of us go through our daily lives. “On the Run” is a composition of day-to-day encounters that we are reluctant to respond to.

Views: 2,219
Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Performance
Keywords: Student Choreography
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Overall rating: 3.6
Votes: 8
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