Underneath the Surface

Xhale Dance Company Choreographer: Michael Susten Dancers: Miles Yung, Patrick Daniel, Brett Hahalyak, Lauren Long, Carlee Eberly, Alexa Meissner, Katrina Atkins, Molly McClosky, Katrina Boyle, Caitlin Cantrell

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: General
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Overall rating: 4.5
Votes: 154
700 points


#16 Xhale
Love it!
#15 Refreshing
It is very refreshing to see something so pure and honest. Congratulations.
#14 Michael Susten
What a great piece! Would love to see more!
#13 michael susten is the best
loves it
#12 Xhale
this choreography is awesome, such great musicality!! So nice to see such a strong all male piece!!

#11 the boys
dance so differently but so well together.. and the second piece is so amazing!
#10 beautiful
choreo and beautiful dancers!
Beautiful group of artists.
#8 Underneath the Surface
Awesome Work!! Love this!!
#7 beautiful
love love love! such talented dancers!

#6 so amazing
this is incredible!
#5 Xhale is OVAH
#4 underneith the surface
This is really awesome!! Very different!! But I know a lot of people that are having trouble voting
#3 Underneath the Surface
I love the contrast between the strong male section and the soft female section. Beautiful job!
rules :)

#1 underneath the surface
excellent in all aspects
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