Illusions of Her

Illusions of Her Choreography By Eryn Waltman Dancers: Marc Cardarelli, Joey Arrigo, Caroline Torti, Falyn Waltman, Lindsay Leuschner and Mia DiLena Loosing someone you love deeply can have a profound affect. The pain that loss brings evokes some very powerful responses from the human mind. “Illusions of Her” is a contemporary piece that portrays the individual who is unable to accept loss. In the face of an undeniable truth, a new reality is created and the individual finds himself withdrawn and suspended in the past, truly believing that the mental images he holds dear exist physically in his illusory world. For some, the journey back to a peaceful sate of mind is long, challenging and achievable – for others comfort and tranquility remain illusive and unattainable.

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Overall rating: 4.6
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#17 Illusions of Her
Waltman's depiction of the impact of loss on one left behind is a powerful example of her thought-provoking style and her gift for communicating complex concepts through dance. "Illusions of Her" demonstrates Waltman's gift as choreographer and her talent for casting, directing and inspiring her dancers.
#16 Amazing!
This is an unbelievable dance! It gives me the chills! Eryn is an amazing teacher and person! She is a great role model and I love her to death! Fantastic! Amazing dancers in the piece as well!
#15 Beauty
Eryn has been a great influence in the Toronto Contemporary Dance Industry and her undeniable talent and beatiful choreography is something that is very refreshing to watch. She is a great choreographer with limitless creativity and she has unique ability to touch people's hearts with her beautiful choreography from the music to the costumes. I am so proud and thankful to have her as a mentor.
#14 talent talent talent
I see passion, love, great dancers. Illusions of Her is all about passion for DANCE ! This dancers are dreaming with their feet, lets make the dream come true!
#13 Haunting
Incredibly evocative choice in music. I had a such visceral response to this piece. The haunting music and movements had me crying by the end. In all my years of judging competitions, this stands at or near the top. It obviously touched a raw nerve in a very personal way. Kudos and best of luck!

#12 emotional
This piece is a true work of art. The choreography never strays from its sole purpose: to harness the raw emotions of the story and impose them onto the audience. Every dancer executed this choreography with nothing short of eloquence, merging beautiful technique with an undeniable connection with the dance, song, and each other. Having worked with Eryn in the past I have never been less than amazed by her work. This piece is hauntingly beautiful and deserves much recognition. congrats Eryn.
#11 beautiful
#10 Perfect.
Simply breathtaking. This story is exquisitely timeless with every moment amounting to nothing but perfection. It is captivating to witness the illusions of "her" and even more beautiful to express the inevitable reality of loss. Eryn is a masterpiece that stands above so many, as it is always an honour to view her artistry. Beautiful beyond belief.
#9 really beautiful
it was spellbounding!!
#8 lovely!
beautiful as always. can't wait to see what's next

#7 Bravo!
Eryn has done it again! Another beautiful piece with emotion and grace. Great work and artistry.
#6 Inspiring
This piece is a perfect example of what happens when practice, passion and talent meet. The choreography is fresh, inspiring and a pleasure to watch. The dancers bring the story to life with beautiful technique and lots of emotion. Well done!
#5 Impressive
A most enjoyable piece. Congratulations!
#4 Elegance and Perfection
Eryn as a choreographer encompasses extreme talent, perfection, elegance and deep thought in her interpretation. Obviously her dancers have a wonderful director and an inspiring choreographer.
#3 Beautiful!
Absolutely stunning. Eryn is not only an amazing choreographer, but she has the unique ability to make the audience feel the exact emotions she was experiencing while creating the piece. This is beautiful and so very inspiring. Love it.

#2 Stunning
Such an honor to be apart of this peice. Eryn is so talented and I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am to have her in my life. She is a true inspiration to everytone who knows her and she has so much talent to share. Unreal choreographer, mentor, and human being.
#1 amazing!
beautiful dancers! such great technique and movement quality all in one. i love joey and lindsay. great filming and of course beautiful choreography. loved the mirroring.
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