Here Before

Choreography by: Holly Robinson In submission for dance teacher summit/ACE awards 2011 Please vote :)

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Overall rating: 4.2
Votes: 86
357 points


#21 VOTE
My vote for the Video is 5 Terrific work mindy!
#20 VoTE
#19 compelling!
Holly -- wow - very nice choreography and execution! Layers of movement and rhythm. I loved it!
#18 !!
i'm a huge fan of your dance Holly!! I really love it!! Bravo!!
#17 sick
This is absolutely incredible. Amazing job Holly!! werkkk.

#16 incredible
I loved all the levels and elements of dance you used in this piece. You used the entire space to your advantage and each dancer was especially talented. Good luck. Best dance I have seen yet. -Dana
#15 !!!!!!
Choreography is incredible, dancers are awesome ! Great Job Holly !
#14 a winner
I hope you get some more 5's. This one is a winner. Congratulations on a job well done!
#13 LOVE
#12 fabulous!!!
these dancers are really incredible....great work holly rider!!!

#11 Mia in the making
Great contemporary choreography. Incredibly talented young men and women for those who are familiar with this kind of movement. Nice job and good luck to you!
#10 boys
I think they are terrific...and strong. The whole thing is fabulous......good luck to you!
#9 this is
so good! where is this studio?
#8 holly
Holly- this is beautiful. What a great job using dancers of different technical levels and styles and making it all come together so nicely. I love the use of levels and constant formation change- last time I check that was called choreography, not a run on sentence. You should be proud. Congratulations and best of luck to you and your dancers!
#7 weird
all the choreography looks like a run-on sentence. no variety at all.

#6 boys look weak
I like it when men dance like men! It's a shame that yours didn't. Why are the girls stronger? They look great, but tell the boys they need to step it up because most of the girls are out dancing them.
#5 Holly
Beautiful work ....all of you! Holly.....such impressive choreography.
#4 reply:
that's what makes this piece so beautiful, tw60
#3 maybe the choreo
has too much going on? it was nice effort though!
#2 Vote =)
Great work is that michelle TatiyA? I competed against her!!!!!! was not sure though what studio is she with now? You guys are really good

#1 work
this is soooo beautiful!!! i wish i could work with this choreographer. good job guys!!
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