Turning Tables

My entry for the 2011 Capezio Ace Awards. Choreography by Teddy Tedholm Dancing by Amara Warrington, Marc Crousillat, Holly Robinson, Connor Senning, Alexa Meissner, Katie Lombardo, Jenny Strohl, and Sam Smith Music by Adele

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Overall rating: 4.2
Votes: 132
557 points


#7 Thanks
Thanks for letting me know about this!
#6 You are brilliant.
Watching this made my heart ache and my throat tighten and my eyes burn with tears all at once. This is one of the most relateable pieces of art I have ever seen-painfully so but beautifully so. I can feel the passion of how much it really means to you & watching it makes me feel a little lonely cause it reminds me that no one is that open when they aren't dancing. Watching this piece feels like watching all of my secrets spill out into the air-for ears other than my own-for the very first time.
#5 Honest
I loved the choreography, but it looked sloppy compared to some others..Still gave you a 5 though..Just wanted to be honest
#4 Beautiful!
Amazing as always Teddy!
#3 Goood
job Teddy and dancers. Very good.

#2 you never disappoint
This was crazy good Teddy. I am so glad you added to this! I love your choreography and I hope you go far in this competition. -Dana
#1 favorite.
good job, teddy.
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