in the DARKness! (a grand unravelling)

choreography by erica michelle sobol. to "cosmic love" by florence + the machine. dancers: morgan burke, travis cooper, matt cady, nick lanzisera, sohey sugihara, jon burdine, kevin frey, ally riddle, dannie boston, sloan- taylor rabinor, tarin pratt, reika ando. enJOY

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: General
Keywords: erica michelle sobol collidEdance cosmic love
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Overall rating: 4.0
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#4 mesmerizing
so beautiful... so inspiring...Thank you.
another excellent work by the one and only ERICA SOBOL, so talented and just.....(NO WORD TO DESCRIBE) and yet so HUMBLE at all time.....congratulation to the dancers, everyone is AMAZING!!!!!
#2 speechless...
every time I watch this I get chills. amazing! I was breath taking in person and still is on video. It just shows how talented you and your dancers are! Lovelovelove! <3
#1 this was
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