My first Three Days En Pointe

These were my first three days en pointe, I know I shouldn't have been turning on my third day especially on carpet but I couldn'thelp it, any constructional critisizm welcome though! - oh and my shoes weren't broken in.

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#30 good!
very nice!
#29 pirouettes
try to straighten your supporting leg while turning. You're pretty daring for only having pointes for 3 days. i am too :)
#28 umm..
i dont believe for a second that your teacher would approve of you doing pirouettes 1) within your first few days and 2) on carpet... ? really? ... i say this not to be mean but there is a reason we train for years before we go on pointe... nice video though...
#27 :)
I just went on pointe too :)
#26 good
these shoes seem to be actually a very good fit for you!

#25 Cool!
Nice video! I have the same pointe shoes.
#24 re: comments
to pointe_girl1 the song is called unchained melody(instumental) and to kateballet92 these are grishko 2007s and they were not for me, the vamp is very long but they didn't cause too much pain.
#23 ♥♥♥ the song!!!
♥♥ please tell me, what is the title of this song? my ballet teacher uses it and it is so beautiful!! ♥♥
#22 Shoes
I like your shoes - the tapered toe is a pretty look. What kind are they? Do they support you well? Are they comfortable (or as acomfortable as a pointe shoe can be...)?
#21 wow
wow i was not that good when i first got my point shoes i mean i tried to do that but i fell alot keep up the good work

#20 okay...
how old are you? and they cannot be your first 3 days on pointe... your shoes are way too brocken in and its hard to believe that they were your firth few days, sorry. You're very good though!
#19 Spotting and back placement
I can't see your head, but from what your lower body is doing, i don't think you're spotting. Keep your shoulders over your ribs and your ribs slighty more forward over your pelvis. This will keep your upper body stronger in your turn and make the revolution easier. Wow ok i know i just threw a ton of info at you, but i wouldn't have done that if i didn't believe you could use it and get better and stronger. Keep working at it lady! You have great potential!! XOXOX -RaeBallerina
#18 Pirouettes
keep your fourth position consistent! Watch yourself do pirouettes and watch your fourth position. It was never the same. once it was almost a second position. way too open. hold your arms from your back. think about pulling your lower abs in and up and don't open your ribs. Don't let the front foot slip before you turn. and get your foot to retire ASAP. Once you get stronger in your new shoes, pirouettes will get easier and you'll be whipping off doubles and triples in no time ;-)
#17 Rolling through your feet
really work a lot on rolling through your feet. stand at the barre IN YOUR NATURAL FIRST POSITION (i.e. nothing forced or cranked) with your arches lifted, not collapsing, your seat held, you're pelvis in neutral alignment and your legs fully pulled up. be sure as you eleve that you keep your arches lifted (not rolling forward) and you use your pinky toes. Go through quarter pointe, half pointe, three-quarter pointe and full pointe as you roll up and the reversr as you roll down. Keep your placement!
#16 Pointe shoe fit
Your vamps are too long for your toes. that's why its hard for you to get all the way up and over your box and to get your knees straight and strong. get a shorter vamp next time. it helps i promise!

#15 Bourres
Bourres are meant to look as if you are floating in mid air. Think "bend, straighten, bend, straighten" with your knees. Not "step, step, step" bourres aren't steps. they're almost like piques. keep fast feet!
#14 Bourres theory your knees should be straight at all times, which is of course not quite possible. Therefore, you may allow your front knee to go "soft" but not necessarily bend. and Your back knee should NEVER be anything but straight. so wath that.
#13 Nice production
My dearest, I don't have comment as ChinaDoll gave you a very professional critic. The video is excellent! I could feel that how you love your ballet. Very impressed.
#12 Opps, I just read...
I was reading the other comments, and noticed that someone said that you should use Gaynor Mindens as your next shoes. Please, go to a dance store, and be fitted. Gaynors work well for some people, and not well at all for others. Everyone's feet are different. You might try them on and like them, or hate them. But you really need to buy shoes that work for your feet to prevent injuries.
#11 Talented, be be careful! part 2
This is a good and easy way to injur yourself, which will keep you off pointe for quite some time. /end rant. I want you to know that I said all of this for your safety, I do not want you to get hurt. That being said, you are a very talented young lady. I am very impressed with your progress after only 3 days, well done! I can't wait to see you after a few months of training! Please keep posting videos! Keep up the FANTASTIC work! :)

#10 Talented, be be careful! part 1
Those pirouetted are making me really nervous. Not because you are not talented (because you are), but because you have only been doing this for three days. I remeber how exciting it is to do fancy stuff, but in the beginning, you really need to go slow, and do easier movements to strengthen your ankles. PLEASE do not turn any more when you are not in class. Until you have learned how to execute them properly under the supervision of a trained teacher, you need to not try them.
#9 Corrections Part 2
Don't push ur bum out before ur go up into ur turns. Also make sure ur supporting leg is straight so it can support u. On the echappes try to make ur second a bit bigger and cross ur fifth more. Work on ur core to make everything like placement stronger.
#8 Corrections Part 1
Turn out ur feet in the borees and also in ur releves tryu not to lift ur heels off the ground during the plie and don't do a double plie either. Try and work on breaking in the shoes more so u can actually get over the bloch. Ur back is really arched in the pirouettes causeing ur turns to not be stable and making u fall backwards. Ur prep for ur pirouettes is not a very stable position ur arms aren't placed and once agian don't bounce in ur plie to get an extra push to get up into ur pirouette.
#7 good
but when your turning your front leg turns in a little before you turn (a little confusing how i put it)SORRY!!!
#6 read 3rd comment first
get gaynor mindons. they last for a really long time. mine have lasted two years because they have a fiberglass box and shank so that they dont break down, but still break in, they also have an arch in the shank so you dont need to do so much breaking in, they also have built in padding so some girls dont even use ouch pouches or toe savers because they dont have to! just some good tips and stuff. really good for your first time on pointe! keep up the good work! ~Gracie

#5 good, read first one first. sry
ok two more things... dont do turns if its your first day. just for your safety,i know that it is exciting and you really want to, but one slightly wrong movement in your ankle and you could twist your ankle, an not be ab le to dance for a while. trust me. it happend to me but i just ruptured the tendant or something like that, it scared the crap out of me enough to not do it anymore so dont you do it. ok, last thing and this is totaly optional and just a tip, when you get your next point shoes,
#4 more good. read one below first!
another thing is that when you are practicing on wood floor at home that your parents dont want you to get resin on it, dampen some papertowel, stick it on the floor, and dampen the box of your pointshoe and your heel so you dont hurt yourself by slipping. ok, a couple more... when you are up on your points, make sure that you are all the way over on your boxes, expecialy when you are doing echapes and turns...that is mostly because of the shoes not being broken in yet... i understand that
#3 good
I have been on pointe for about 4 years now. I remember ow exciting and fun it was to first try on those pointe shoes in the store even. i do have somme constructive criticizm for you even though i dont have any videos up yet to show that i actually dance, but i do. so here i go, when you are practicing in your new unbroken pointe shoes, make sure that you have a stable "barre." it looked like your chair was moving alot and that could mean some serious injury's if it slips out from under you.
#2 good but
when you were turning on your carpet your supporting leg was turning before you went to passe and your supporting leg was a little bent. but yeah just do what encoredancer said and you should get better quicker. "D
#1 I know how exciting it is! But be very c
You seem to have the strength and your technique (from what I can tell) is there, but don't push it! You should be doing barre exercises like crazy the first few weeks. Roll through the balls of your feet (increases strength & helps to break shoes in)& push over onto point (so that the platform of the box is flat against the floor & legs are straight). Your teacher will show you those first point exercises. Do them everyday, on 2 feet & 1. You'll have strong pirouettes in no time!
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