Seduces Me-Danyelle Stephenson

Danyelle Stephenson performing "Seduces me". From Nebraska Dance Company in Omaha Nebraska. Choreography by Kara Bode.

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Event: 2012 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Performance
Keywords: Seduces Me Danyelle Stephenson Nebraska Dance Company
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#26 werrk!
gurl you fierrce.
#25 I Can't Stop Watching This Video!
#24 That comment is JUNK
I don't even know what to say to you must be one of the other people in the contest because I have no idea what your talking about. 'thethirdwheel' said it perfectly, DSTEVE ROCKS!
#23 to dancer90
I happen to know that at this particular competition Danyelle got an "amazing execution judges choice award" I'm pretty sure you have no idea what you're talking about dancer90
#22 you're kidding right!
This solo is the perfect mix of "ticks" and actual dancing. She's got the talent to do cool turns and leaps so she's gonna show them off. But she really shines on all the other parts. Her stylized movements and how she finishes each thing is amazing!

#21 What are you talking about dancer90?
There are NO tricks in this routine. "tricks" are things like arials, backhandsprings, etc. I do see where you're going, but I honestly think she COULD make it to college. She has the best technique out of the people competing for the cover of DanceSpirit! WAY TO GO DANYELLE!
Learn how to work on your technique and not use "tricks,"you will become a much better dancer. Wait until you get to college, they won't tolerate this "junk." Keep on dreaminnn
#19 Choreograph?
Do you choreograph or do privates or master classes? I'd love to have you teach!
#18 hi
hi. I just want to say you are the most amazing dancer i've ever seen. that's it.
#17 Best One!
I would love to see you on Dance Spirit! YOU GO GIRL!!

You are awesome and I hope you win! That was the best pure dancing I have ever witnessed!
#15 Dipper
I am so proud of you... Follow your dreams for the Lord has great plans for you. Love you.
I can't wait to see you on the cover on Dance Spirit! I will buy 50 copies :) You are amazing and an inspiration
#13 dang girl
I'm not just saying this, you are good! You should come out to LA and do auditions!!!
#12 That was quite Seductive!
Everything about that did seduce me! Dang gurrl. That was Phresh AND Fierce! Love the crawl. I wanna be that stage.

#11 Holy Guacamole!!!
Wow, I love this video! I have watched it like ten million times on the primetime site. So glad you finally entered on dance media!
You are such a beautiful dancer!!! I wanna be you! Love the haircut too, I'm gonna copy you.
#9 holy cow
you are so make me wanna dance! love, Chantel :)
#8 you ooze awesomness!
Amazing, Passionate, good at crawling, cool haircut! all jokes aside YOU ROCK MY WORLD!
#7 You ooze Talent!
Incredible, fabulous, passionate, perfection! You deserve to be famous!!!!

#6 WOW
haha i saw you at west coast dance explosion nationals!!! you should have won elite dancer! you are amazing in class and onstage!
I watched all of the videos for this contest and you are by far the BEST!
#4 wowzers!
golly your good! I love your style!!!
#3 Georgeous!!!
I could watch you dance over and over again!
#2 Get it get it gurrll
WOW you are amazing. Not just your technique but you actual DANCING ability is the best I've ever seen! You should go to LA :)

#1 you are awesome!!
YEAHHHHH Danyelle!!! wooork!
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