Eco is a contemporary piece that shows how discarded objects can be re-imagined into elements of art. The costumes and headpieces are made from plastic shopping bags. After all, the bags did say "please recycle!" Choreography and costumes by Angie Conte Dancers of the Carlene Nazarian Dance Center

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2011
Category: Performance
Keywords: eco
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Overall rating: 4.3
Votes: 15
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#8 Eco
This is an amazing dance. Wonderful, creative choreography and costumes are wonderful!
#7 Eco
The originality and grace of this wonderful performance is incredible. I loved it. The imagination of the choreographer in designing the costumes and the dance is truly inspiring. I shall look forward to seeing future compositions by Ms. Conte and shall follow her career with great interest.
#6 Eco
Simply stunning. Project Runway meets So You Think You Can Dance. Top-notch choreography, inventive costuming, and hauntingly powerful music combine for a breathtaking piece of art.
#5 eco
stunning !
#4 Eco-Echo
The music and choreography mesh together so beautifully! So avant garde. I love it!

#3 Eco
As usual for Angie Conte, wonderful choreography with unique concept. Love the Target dress costume!!!!
#2 Amazing
This dance is truly amazing.... beautiful, thought-provoking, completely unique! Fantastic choreography and LOVE the costumes too!!
#1 Eco
Love this. Unique, creative, and I want a Target dress!
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